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Match Recap Day 2

RECAP for Day 2 CDL 2010!

by Rasyidi Mohd Zulkifli



7                  MATCH SCORE               0

The first match of the day started with both teams playing cautiously, having experienced the first day of Campus Dodgeball League and trying to minimize mistakes and risk taking. Despite the tough opposition put up by the Tupai Kilat, the Maestro showed their Campus Dodgeball League experience and won the match 7 games to zero, with 4 games won in the co-ed half.


3                 MATCH SCORE               2

Match 2 was a thrilling encounter, with the Avengers taking the first game, which was also their first game of the tournament. The Tigers hit back and equalized before proceeding to take the 3rd game, to lead 2-1. Game 4 was also won by the Tigers by virtue of them having more players at the end of the first half. At the all males half, Avengers fought back and a good performance from Aymarn gave them game 5. At 3-2 with under 5 minutes left, Avengers seeking to equalize while Tigers trying to extend their lead, both teams played aggressively but most of the hits came from the counter attacks. Time ran out The City UC Tigers take the match 3-2.


2                  MATCH SCORE               2

This highly anticipated match among two very strong teams was the 3rd match of the day, and it didn’t disappoint. The first game went in Storm’s favour, when in a 4v1 situation, Xin Hui from the Hybrids stepped out in order to stop time being wasted. The Hybrids hit back in the 2nd game, taking the game at the end of the first half when only Azleen from Storm was left on court when time ran out. The 3rd game marks the start of the second half, and the Storm took out Paul and Ismael early on and won the game to lead 2-1. The 4th game was played defensively by both teams to try to keep as many players on court. Hybrids had more players at the end, giving them the game and coming from behind to equalize twice to earn a draw against Lakeside Storm.



6                  MATCH SCORE               1

In match 4 of the day, Help Hyperblades raced to a 3-0 lead before Chronos worked hard and managed to win game 4 by having more players on court at the end of the first half. VK, Vinod, Jason and Jun Kit showed their throwing prowess by taking out the Chronos players 1 by 1, with Simon from Chronos playing well and managing to catch Vinod’s ball 3 times in the match. The all males half still went in Hyperblades favour, with game 5, 6, and 7 won by Hyperblades to give them a 6-1 victory despite a good showing from KDU Chronos.


4                  MATCH SCORE               2

The 5th match of the day was also set to be an entertaining match between two hard working teams, and the Vipers won the first game by taking out the male players first and systematically taking out the rest. The tides were turned in the second game, with the Hyenas taking out the male players from Vipers early on and catching the throws from the brave Vipers girls. Game 3 also went to the Hyenas when they had 6 players versus 2 players on court at the end of the first half. In the all males half, the Hyenas take game 4 by catching many of the Vipers throws and hitting their opponents through coordinated attacks, and they now lead 3-1. Game 5 went in Vipers favour by hitting most of the Hyenas players on counter attacks, leaving the tie at 3-2. Game 6 ended in Hyenas favour by having more players on court at the end of the half.



5                  MATCH SCORE               2

This encounter between two veteran teams was set to be an explosive affair, and it surely didn’t disappoint. Game 1 went to the Devil’s Dukes after they made 3 great catches, winning with all their players on court. Game 2 also went similarly, with Navid failing to catch, but the Dukes systematically eliminated the Ronins one by one to lead 2-0. The third game was also an aggressive game, with the Dukes winning after many coordinated attacks. Game 4 ended in Ronin’s favour when they had more players on court at the end of the first half. The second half started with Devil’s Dukes leading 3-1 and they attacked well and made many catches to win game 5 with a full set of players. Games 6 was a hard fought match and the Ronins managed to take out Jonathan, Casey and Sina to lead 6v3, followed by 5v3. Navid is hit by a counter attack by Ikhwan, and Ronins lead 4v1 before Ikhwan makes a catch to give them the win. Game 7 went back in Devil’s Dukes favour after they made many catches to lead 5-2. Game 8 was played defensively, and when time ran out, both teams had a full set of players, resulting in a draw.



5                  MATCH SCORE               1

The second last match of the day was between two new teams, and it started off with a shotgun attack from the opening rush. It was blocked, but the girl who blocked, fumbled and was out. From Red Legion, Oksilat is hit while Benji’s throw was caught, leaving it at 6v4 in Eagles’ favour. Red Legion manages a catch and more hits, and wins the first game. Game 2 of the match went in Eagles’ favour after they eliminated the male players from Red Legion, and took out the remaining girls one by one to draw level at 1 game apiece. Game 3 however went back in Red Legion’s favour when they had more players on court at the end of the first half. The second half started in Red Legion’s favour, with many catches and hit made to lead the tie at 3-1. Game 5 also went the same way, and game 6 saw the Eagles’ put up a brave fight but lost by having less players on court at the end of the match.



9                  MATCH SCORE               1

The final match of day 2 was a group A encounter between the Barbarians and the Pharaohs. The Barbarians proved to be the stronger side in the first half with great performances by Jing and Mark, having overcome the resistance by the Pharaohs to end the co-ed half with a 6-0 lead. The second half was much harder fought with the Pharaohs playing well to take lead one of the game 4v1, with Rasyidi being the sole player on court in the Barbarian’s side. Never one to give up, he hit 2 of the Pharaohs players before catching to bring in Jeffrey, before both of them hitting the remaining Pharaohs player. The match ended 9-1, with the Pharaohs winning the final game by having more players on court at the end of the second half.