Campus Dodgeball League 2010 Match Day 4

RECAP for day 4 CDL 2010!

By Rasyidi Zulkifli


2                  MATCH SCORE               2

The day started with a match between 2 relatively new teams, with both teams playing defensively. Tupai Kilat took out the Vipers one by one from a 5v5 situation to a 3v1 situation before hitting the final Vipers player to take game 1. Game 2 started with 1 minute on the clock, and both teams ended up with 5 players on each side when the first half ended, earning a draw. Game 3 started with some good performances from Danson and Eddly from Vipers to get a 5v1 situation with Amar being the sole Tupai Kilat player left. He manages to hit 2 Vipers players including Danson to make it 3v1 before finally getting hit, giving the Vipers the equalizer. Game 4 also went in favour of Masterskill Vipers with hits turning a 4v3 situation into 4v1 before the Vipers take the game to lead 2-1. Game 5 started with very little time on the clock, and when time was up Tupai Kilat had more players on court, earning them the game and also bringing the tie to a hard fought draw.


3                  MATCH SCORE               2

The second match turned out to be one of the most exciting games of the day. Game 1 started with Navid getting his throw caught by Jason from Avengers, before Raj Khan failed to catch and was out. Kee Chai hit Donovan, but the ball bounced up and was caught by Baljit. The situation became 5v2 in favour of Avengers, with UCSI having no male players left on court. Kristina from Devil’s Dukes manages a catch, bringing in Navid. Another catch is made by Devil’s Dukes to bring in Raj, turning the situation into 3v1 with only Jason from Avengers left. Navid got his throw caught by Jason again, and Raj Khan was hit again, making it into a 2v1 with Donovan and Jason up against Kristina. Kristina manages to catch Jason’s throw, bringing in Kee Chai, who manages to hit Donovan to hand Devil’s Dukes a hard fought 1st game. Game 2 started with Devaraj and Jason from Avengers getting their throws caught by their opponents, before Navid hits Baljit. Aymarn is then hit, leaving only Farah and Nadya left on court before Farah is hit and Nadya accidently steps over the back line while dodging, giving the Devil’s Dukes a 2-0 lead. Game 3 started with only 40 seconds left, and both teams were not taking any risks, ending the half with all 12 players on court, leading to a draw. Game 4 started with hits to Muisz, Hanief and Donovan from Avengers and Sina from Devil’s Dukes, to make it 5v3. Navid’s throw is then caught by Jason again, bringing Muisz in. Another catch from Jason brings in Hanief before Casey hits Muisz, making it 4v3 to Avengers. Casey fails to catch and is out, and Jason and Aymarn from Avenges is hit by Raj Khan and Jason Lee respectively, leading to a 2 on 2, Hanif and Deva vs Jason and Raj. Deva and Hanif is hit, handing Devil’s Dukes a 3-0 lead. Game 5 and 6 however saw the tides turn, with Avengers winning both games, with the 6th game signaling the end of the match with more players on the Avengers side, giving the Devil’s Dukes a 3-2 victory.


5                  MATCH SCORE               3

The third match of the day started out with Hybrids getting 2 early hits to lead 6v4 players on court, before an Eagles player caught Jaren’s throw, making it 5v5. The Hybrids continued their attacks to make it 5v1, before Mun Wai caught a throw done by the remaining Eagles player. Game 2 saw Hybrids getting many hits to lead 6v3 before Mun Wai fails a catch, making it 5v3, with only 1 male player left in the Eagles court. Mich from Hybrids is hit, and the 2 girls from Eagles is out, leaving only Taufiq the only player left on court for the Eagles against 4 Hybrids players before he is finally hit, making it 2-0 to the Hybrids. Game 3 also went in similar fashion, with hits and catches seeing Hybrids having 5 players on court up against a single Eagles player. He manages to catch Ismael’s throw, making it 4v2, before hits from both sides makes it 3v1 before Hybrids take out the remaining player. Game 4 ended when the first half time finished, and the Eagles take the game after having more players on court. Game 5 saw the Hybrids all male team take back the initiative with many coordinated attacks, with Paul getting many hits from counter attacks for the Hybrids to take a 4-1 lead. Game 6 saw the tides turn to Eagles’ favour from a 3v3 situation to a 1v1 situation, with Taufiq from Eagles getting the final hit, giving the Eagles their 2nd game. Game 7 went back in Hybrids’ favour with catches from Boyce and Mun Wai helping them to eliminate their opponents. Game 8 saw a false start with 42 seconds left, and Eagles managed a catch. When time was up, Eagles had more players on court, giving them the game, and ending the match with a 5-3 win to the Hybrids.

3                  MATCH SCORE               5

This Group A encounter between these two equally matched teams sees Pharaohs trying to take revenge on their loss against Chronos on the first match day. Game 1 saw Sunway take a 5v1 lead after many hits to Chronos, before Moon Lum getting the final hit to hand Pharaoh a 1-0 lead. Game 2 saw Chronos hit back with many hits and catches by both sides, with Chronos leading 6v4, then 5v2, before a throw by a Chronos girl is caught, seeing Rhea from Pharaoh return before she is hit and KDU take the game to equalize. Game 3 saw Pharaoh playing aggressively to lead with 6v3 on court, before the remaining Chronos players are hit, for Sunway to lead the tie 2-1. Game 4 saw Simon from Chronos catching Moon Lum’s throw for them to lead 6v5 on court when the first half time ran out, giving them the equalizer. The second half saw game 5 going to Chronos after a 5v3 lead, then 5v2, with Moon Lum being one of the last two players on the Pharaoh side. He manages to get 2 hits, making it 3v1, before Moon Lum is finally hit, giving Chronos a 3-2 lead. Game 6 saw Pharaoh turning the tides, leading 5v1 with only Simon left on the Chronos side, before his throw is caught. Game 7 and 8 also went to Pharaoh, with Pharaoh having 5 players against 2 on court at the end of the second half, giving them a 5-3 overall win.

2                  MATCH SCORE               4

The fifth match of the day saw Hyenas go up against Maestro. The first game saw Hyenas take an early lead with all 6 players up against 1 player from Maestro before taking the game. Game 2 saw Maestro attack back and reverse the situation from the first game, leading 5v1 before winning the game and equalizing. Game 3 saw Rick from Maestro, and KB Goh and Hui Xian from Hyenas getting hit early on to see Maestro in a 6v4 situation before Charlie from Maestro gets a hit to make it 4v3. Guna then catches a throw from Wei Liam, leading to 5v2, leaving only 2 girls left on the Hyenas side. Both are hit, giving Maestro the lead to make it 2-1. Game 4 also saw Maestro lead 5v1 before winning, making it 3-1. Game 5 was played with 40 seconds left on the clock, and Hyenas managed to get a hit to end the half 6v5, making it 3-2. Game 6 saw the all males half getting in on the action, with Jun Hsien and Wei Liam getting hit early on. Marcus from Maestro is hit, making it 5v3 in favour of Maestro, before Guna catches and brings Marcus back in. Xun from Hyenas is hit, making it 5v2, before KB Goh catch Guna’s throw, bringing Jun Hsien back in. In the 4v2 situation, Charlie catches KB Goh’s throw, making it 5v1 against Jun Hsien. He puts up a good fight, but a momentary lapse of concentration saw hit stepping over the back line while dodging to hand Maestro a 4-2 lead in the tie. Game 7 saw Hyenas lead 6v3, with Guna and Aamos out. Jun Hsien’s throw is then caught, making it 5v4. A few hits later it becomes 4v3 to the Hyenas, but then Wei Liam crosses the middle line to make it 3v3. It remained that way until time ran out, ending the game in a draw. Maestro wins the match 4-2.

3                  MATCH SCORE               3

This match is one that both teams are looking to win, since the previous encounter had resulted in a 3-3 draw. Game 1 went in the way of Tigers, after taking out 2 of the male players from Ronins, making it 6v4. The remaining male player is then taken out, leaving only the girls on court for the Ronins. They are then taken out, giving the Tigers the lead. KDU hit back in game 2, taking out all the male players from Tigers making it 3v2 before Ronins hits the remaining girls and equalize. Game 3 was also won by KDU, when time ran out and they had more players on court, giving the Ronins a 2-1 lead. Game 4 saw the second half starting, and in a 3v3 situation, Ikhwan and Ben from Ronins were hit, making it 2v1 before Tigers take the game and make it 2 games apiece. In game 5, Tigers took a 6v1 lead, then 5v1, before the remaining Ronins player makes a catch, making it 4v2, before it becomes 4v1. Afic from Tigers manages to hit the remaining Ronins player to give the Tigers a 3-2 lead. Game 6 saw Ronins lead 6v2 when time ended, giving them the game and giving them another draw against Tigers.

2                  MATCH SCORE               3

The second last match of the day saw a battle between 2 strong teams, with the previous encounter leading to a win for Red Legion. Game 1 started defensively, with Red Legion earning the game. Game 2 saw Storm have only Frederick the only player left up against 3 players from Red Legion. Against the odds, he manages to hit each of them out and give Storm the equalizer. Game 3 started with 40 seconds left on the clock, and Red Legion were leading 6v4, before Fred gets 2 hits, and after another hit from a Storm player, it became 4v3 in favour of Storm when time ran out, giving them a 2-1 lead. Game 4 signaled the start of the second half, and it was an exciting game, with Oksilat failing to catch Frederick’s throw. Frederick also managed to catch Mamali’s throw while he was jumping. With the situation at 4v4, Benji from Red Legion is hit for the Storm to lead 4v3. Rafiq from Storm is hit to make it 3v3 before Fred fails to catch, making it 2v1 in favour of Storm. With only Ah Kean left in Red Legion’s side, he manages to hit and then catch, giving Red Legion the game and the equalizer. Game 5 was the last game of the match, and with 1 minute left, Frederick is hit, and when time was up, Red Legion had 6 players vs 4, handing Red Legion the game and the match to win 3-2.

3                  MATCH SCORE               3

The last match of the day was also an exciting match, with defending champions up against Hyperblades. It started with the Barbarians getting a 2-0 lead, before Hyperblades regained their composure and managing to take out Rasyidi and Mark early on in game 3 to win. Game 4 was a closer affair with Barbarians leading 3v2 until Huda’s last minute throw was caught by Jun Kit, making it 3v2 in favour of Hyperblades just as the time went out, handing Hyperblades the equalizer. The second half started with 2 games apiece for both teams, and the Barbarians take the 5th game. Game 6 saw Cedric being the last man, catching and rescuing 2 players who were then hit out, before Cedric fails to catch, giving Hyperblades another equalizer. Game 7 ended in a 2v2 situation, with Rasyidi getting a catch before getting hit, but it wasn’t counted as time had already run out. This resulted in a draw in the game and also a match, providing an exciting end to an action packed match day.


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