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Match Day 5 Roundup

RECAP for Day 5 CDL 2010!


by Rasyidi Mohd Zulkifli


11                  MATCH SCORE               0

These 2 teams meet again, with the Barbarians looking to continue their winning ways after a draw in the last match against the Hyperblades, while Pharaohs were fresh off their win against KDU Chronos. The previous encounter between the 2 teams ended with the Barbarians winning 9-1, which at the time was the biggest winning margin in CDL. The match started with a change in the Barbarian’s lineup, with Jeffrey starting ahead of Rasyidi, and the positioning of players changed to test how well the players can play in different positions. Even though there was some slight confusion at the start, the Barbarians still managed to get a 5-0 lead by the end of the first half, and after nice catches by Cedric and Nadzmi, and hits by Mark, Jeffrey and Jing, the Barbarians romped to an 11-0 final score to stay on top of Group A.


8                  MATCH SCORE               1

In the second match of the day, Red Legion is up against PSA Eagles for the second time. Their previous encounter ended with Red Legion winning 5-1, and they will be looking to continue their winning ways and stay on top of Group B. The match started with both teams playing carefully, but Red Legion managed to take a 3 game lead. The 4th game was a tighter affair, with the Eagles taking out the male players from Red Legion before winning the game. Game 5 reached a climax of 2v3, with PSA having only 1 guy and 1 girl up against 3 girls from Red Legion. The Eagles male player attacked aggressively, but the number of players on court remained the same at the end of the first half, giving the game to Red Legion and increasing their lead to 4-1. The second half saw Red Legion winning the remaining 4 games to win 8-1.


8                  MATCH SCORE               1

The third match of the day was between the Devil’s Dukes and the Ronins. The last time they met on Day 2 saw Devil’s Dukes triumphing 5-2. The Ronins will be boosted with the return of their star player Shah after he missed the previous matches. However, Devil’s Dukes showed their coordination and skill to get a 3-0 lead with Casey obtaining many hits and catches. Game 4 saw a 4v5 situation with Devil’s Dukes having more players, and Ikhwan being the only male player in the Ronins’ side. Ikhwan managed to hit Navid from a counter attack before making a catch to make it 4v4 when time ran out, giving them a draw in the game. In the second half Devil’s Dukes dominance continued, leading 8-0 before the last game was won by Ronins after having more players on court when time ran out, to make it 8-1.


4                 MATCH SCORE               2

This match turned out to be a close affair in the first half, with the tie left wide open at 2-2 at the start of the second half. In a 6v4 situation in favour of Vipers, many hits and catches were made by Hyenas to make it 3v3, followed by 4v1 to Hyenas. Wataru from Hyenas got his throw caught, to make it 3v2 to the Hyenas before a hit on a Vipers player made it 3v1. KB Goh managed to catch the throw made by the final Vipers player to give Hyenas a 3-2 lead. Game 6 saw Hyenas lead 5v3 early on, before Vipers managed to hit a few counter attacks to level at 3v3. After many hits to both sides, Hyenas ended up with 2 players versus 1 when time ran out, taking game 6 and the tie 4-2.


6                  MATCH SCORE               1

This group A match yielded a 6-1 win for Hyperblades in their previous encounter on Day 2, and Hyperblades will be looking to consolidate their second place in the group with another win. Their 3 star players Vinod, Jun Kit and VK played well to dominate the first half to take a 2-0 lead. In the third game, KDU managed to take out Vinod and the Hyperblade girls to lead 4v2 on court, with only Jun Kit and VK on court for Hyperblades. They managed to get a hit, but the 3v2 situation remained until time ran out for the first half, giving Chronos game 3 for Hyperblades to lead 2-1. The second half saw game 4 go to Hyperblades. Game 6 was a similar affair, with Help taking out the Chronos players to make it 6v1 with only Simon on the Chronos side left. VK tried a kamikaze, which was caught by Simon, but it wasn’t allowed as VK had already stepped over the line before jumping to throw. Simon did well to attack and stay alive, but his shot was blocked by Jun Kit and flew upwards before getting caught by Vinod, giving them a 4-1 lead. Game 6 was a close affair, with a 5v5 situation followed by 5v4 to Hyperblades, then 4v4 after William from Chronos manages to get a hit. Simon is hit and goes out, making it 3v2 in favour of Hyperblades. Ding Dong from Chronos manages to catch Jun Kit’s shot, making it 3v3. Another hit makes it 3v2 in favour of Chronos. Vinod manages 2 hits to make it 2v1 to Hyperblades, before he catches the last shot by the remaining Chronos player. With Hyperblades having a healthy 4 game lead going into game 7 with 57 seconds left on the clock, they held their composure to take out 2 players from Chronos to have a 6v4 situation at the end the second half, giving them game 7, and repeating the same score from the previous encounter, 6-1.


5                  MATCH SCORE               0

Match 6 of the day was between two heavyweights from Group B, with the previous encounter on day 2 ending in a 2-2 draw. With 3 teams in the group still able to qualify to the next round, the stakes are high and both Storm and Hybrids are in it to win it. Game 1 saw a 5v5 situation, with Mun Wai from Hybrids taken out. Frederick from Storm is hit, making it 5v4 in favour of Hybrids. Jerrard from Storm makes a catch from Chew Lian’s throw, making it 5v5. Next out is Xin Hui after she is hit, making it 4v3 before Storm takes the game. Game 2 is also won by Storm after the usually reliable catching by Mun Wai and Chew Lian failed. In game 3 Storm were leading 6v3, with Mun Wai and Xin Hui out from Hybrids. Paul got his shot caught before Yaenn got hit, makin it 6v2. Jerrard got hit, making it 5v2 before Hybrids got a catch to make it 4v3 to Storm when time ran out, giving them a 3-0 lead in the tie. In the second half game 4 reached a 5v5 situation, when Hybrids managed to get a double kill against Storm to make it 5v3, before Storm manages a catch to make even it out at 4v4. Ismael then failed to block a shot, making it 4v3 in favour of Storm, then 3v1. Rafiq from Storm manages to get the final hit to make it 4-0. With 2 minutes left on the clock after one of the longest games in Campus Dodgeball League, Hybrids were on the attack but were vulnerable to counters, with Ismael and JW Chin getting hit by a double kill while going forward to attack. Frederick is then hit, making it 5v4 in favour of Storm. It remained that way until time ran out, making it a 5-0 win to Storm, leaving Group B wide open.


4                 MATCH SCORE               1

The previous encounter between these 2 teams from group C last ended with Tigers narrowly beating Avengers 3-2, and Avengers will be looking to beat Tigers in order to have a chance of qualifying to the next round. However, Avengers lost their focus and coordination, giving Tigers an early 2-0. Game 3 saw a 4v4 situation when time ran out, making it a draw. The second half went in a similar manner with game 3 reaching a 5v4 situation to the Tigers. Jason and Aymarn then failed to catch a throw, making it 5v2. Donovan was then hit, leaving only Hanif left for Avengers. He manages to catch Capang’s throw, bringing in Aaron. Hanif is then hit, making it 3v1 before Aaron’s throw is caught, giving Tigers a 3-0 lead. Game 5 saw Avengers playing better, leading on court 5v4 with Deva out. Aymarn manages to catch and a hit is made by Avengers, making it 6v2. Afic from Tigers is then hit, before Jason catches the final throw, handing Avengers their first game. With 1 minute left at the start of game 6 and Tigers leading 3-1, Tigers were playing carefully and managed to get a hit, ending the game with 6 players on court against 5, giving them a 4-1 victory.


4                 MATCH SCORE               2

The last match of the day saw Tupai Kilat up against Maestro, with their previous encounter ending with Maestro romping to a 7-0 win. With 2 more matches under Tupai Kilat’s belt adding to their match experience, they are hoping to put up a bigger fight. Game 1 went to the Maestro after many hits and catches by Guna, Charlie and Rick. Game 2 however saw UPM take out 4 players from Maestro to end the half 3v2, giving UPM the game and bring it to a tie. The second half saw Maestro winning 3 more games with Tupai Kilat getting a game, ending with a 4-2 score to the Maestro.