Match Day 6

by Rasyidi Mohd Zulkifli

1. Inti Hybrids vs UCSI Red Legion

3                  MATCH SCORE               3

This encounter between two strong teams promised to be an exciting one, with both teams having a chance of qualifying to the next round. It did not disappoint, with both teams playing well to end the first half with Hybrids leading 2-1. In the second half, game 4 saw Red Legion lead with a 3v1 situation on court, with Ismael the sole Hybrid left. He puts up a magnificent fight before getting hit, giving Red Legion the equalizer. Game 4 saw a 5v4 situation in favour of Hybrids, before Chew Lian got his shot caught, turning the tables to 5v4 in favour of Red Legion. Hybrids managed to get a hit, evening it out at 4v4, before Mamali and another Red Legion player was hit, making it 4v2, with only Benji and Ah Kean left. Both of them were hit, handing the Hybrids a 3-2 lead with 2:27 minutes left. Game 6 saw Hybrids having to roll all their balls to Red Legion due to the 5 second rule. Red Legion took full use of this opportunity, throwing and hitting to make it 6v3. Ismael caught Ah Kean’s shot, making it 5v4 to Red Legion, before Red Legion got multiple hits to make it 5v2 when time ran out, earning them the game and a 3-3 draw.


2. SEGi Barbarians vs KDU Chronos

8                  MATCH SCORE               1

Match 2 of the day saw the Barbarians up against KDU Chronos in the final group match between both teams. This meeting was an interesting one, with Barbarians already confirmed qualification into the next round and KDU Chronos playing for pride, being their last game of Campus Dodgeball League 2010. Barbarians were short on players, since Jeffrey and Cedric were not able to make it due to sickness. Their starting lineup of the 1st half consisted of Ezzaty, Awatif and Huda making up the girl’s components and Rasyidi, Mark and Jing the males. With not much at stake, both teams were out to enjoy themselves and soak in the atmosphere. The first half saw some nice hits from Jing and Mark to see them take a 4-0 lead at the end of the first half. Barbarians had to call upon veteran players John and Joe, even though Joe was struggling with a long term knee injury. The second half saw 2 kamikaze attacks from Chronos players in 2 games after they were the only players left on court up against 5 and 6 players from Barbarians respectively. It was a great show of sportsmanship between both teams, with the kamikaze attacks a somewhat honourable act, since both teams were trying to play as many games as possible regardless of the results, giving each player a lot of match experience. Jing and Mark did not disappoint with countless hits to take out the Chronos players, and Nadzmi and Rasyidi making catches to ensure victory. Game 7 saw William, Simon and Ding Dong caught the throws of Rasyidi, Jing and Mark to make it a 4v1 situation with only Joe, the injured player from Barbarians left on court. He managed to stay alive for a while even though he couldn’t dodge or throw, but was finally hit, handing Chronos a game. The rest of the match continued on in good spirits, with both teams shaking hands and congratulating each other for a nice match played, with Barbarians take the match 8-1.


3. Taylor’s Hyenas vs UPM Tupai Kilat

6                  MATCH SCORE               0

This match was also one that did not have much effect on the standings, with Hyenas already through and Tupai Kilat not progressing. The first half saw Hyenas play well, when Pua Sze was left alone against multiple Tupai Kilat players. She managed to make a catch and bring in a team mate, handing them the game and ending the first half 4-0 up. The second half progressed much slower, with game 5 taking 5 minutes before Hyenas win 5-0. Game 6 was also a long one, ending with Hyenas having more players on court when time ran out, finishing the match with a 6-0 victory.


4. KDU Ronins vs SEGi Avengers

6                 MATCH SCORE               2

This match was between two teams who were playing their last match in Campus Dodgeball League 2010, with both not qualifying for the quarterfinals. A few key players from Avengers were absent, namely Muisz, the captain, Devaraj and Aymarn. With only pride on the line, both teams were out to enjoy themselves. Game 1 saw Ronins take out Avengers one by one, leaving only Nadya left on court before she was hit. Game 2 was identical, with Nadya being the last player left again. This time, Ronins wasted no time in taking her out, with Shah going for a kamikaze to hand Ronins a 2-0 lead. Game 3 went by the way of game 1 and 2, the only difference being Farah as the last player left instead of Nadya. Farah was also hit by a kamikaze to give Ronins the game. Game 4 saw Ronins having more players on court at the end of the first half, giving them a 4-0 lead. The second half saw game 5 be an exciting one, with Avengers taking out Ronins to lead 5v1 on court before Donovan failed his kamikaze. Akid and Hanif was also hit, making it 2v1, with Hazz and Amirul left before Hazz hits the remaining Ronins player to give Avengers their first game. Game 6 and 7 went back in Ronins favour, Shah and Ikhwan making many hits and catches to take out the Avengers one by one, giving them a 6-1 lead. Game 8 started with only 7.9 seconds left, and the opening rush saw a kamikaze from a Ronins player, giving Avengers more players at the end of the match, giving them the game. Ronins take the match 6-2.


5. Taylor’s Lakeside Storm vs PSA Eagles

3                  MATCH SCORE               2

This match was an exciting one, with Storm having to win to ensure progress into the next round after Hybrids and Red Legion held each other to a draw in the earlier match. Storm were not taking many risks to ensure victory, and it paid off in game 1 when they won the game with all players left on court. Game 2 saw a 3v3 situation, before hits by Storm saw them take the game. Game 3 was played until the end of the second half, with Storm getting the win after having more players on court. Game 4 marks the start of the second half, and it saw Eagles lead 5v3, then 5v1. Taufiq from Eagles successfully did a kamikaze to give Eagles their first game. Game 5 saw Eagles make 2 early catches to lead 6v4, then 5v4, before multiple hits make it 3v1, with only Frederick left on court for Storm. Despite being injured with a broken finger, he managed to stay on court until time ran out, ending with the game going to Eagles. Storm wins the match 3-2 to ensure qualification into the next round.


6. Sunway Pharaohs vs Help Hyperblades

3                  MATCH SCORE               6

Match 6 was another match that had little bearings on the group standings, with Hyperblades already through. Game 1 saw Vinod and VK taken out early on, leaving only Jun Kit as the only male player left for Hyperblades. He manages two hits, making it 4v2, before his throw is caught, giving Pharaohs the first game. Game 2 saw VK getting hit, but Vinod catches to bring him back in, for Hyperblades to lead 6v2, then 6v1, with Sammy being the only Pharaoh left. She manages to hit Jun Kit before she is hit, giving Hyperblades the equalizer. Game 3 saw Vinod do a shotgun from the opening rush, getting a hit. He then catches a counter attack by a Pharaohs player. VK and Sammy is hit, making it 5v3 to Hyperblades. Hyperblades manages a catch, making it 6v2 before Hyperblades take out the remaining opponents to take a 2-1 lead. Game 4 also started out with a shotgun by Vinod with hits, and Moon Lum counter attacks but Vinod manages to catch the throw. Hits by Jun Kit, Vinod and VK make it 3-1 to the Hyperblades. Game 5 started with 3 minutes left in the first half, and Vinod does a shotgun and hits again. Vinod is then hit, making it 5v5, before Moon Lum failed to block and is out. Jun Kit got his throw caught, making it 4v4, making it 3v3, with only 1 male player left on each side. VK is then hit, leaving only the Hyperblade girls left. It remained 3v2 until the end of the first half, giving Pharaohs the game to make it 3-2. Game 6 saw Hyperblades take a 5v3 lead, before many catches by Pharaohs makes it 6v3 to Pharaohs. The remaining Hyperblades players manage to survive and take out all six of the Pharaohs to make it 4-2. Game 7 and 8 also went the same way as game 6, with Moon Lum the last player standing for Pharaohs before getting hit, making it 6-2. Game 9 saw Pharaohs having 3 players against 2 from Hyperblades at the end of the game, handing Pharaohs the game and giving Hyperblades a 6-3 win.


7. Metropolitan Maestro vs Masterskill Vipers

5                 MATCH SCORE               4

The second last match of the day was between Maestro and Vipers, with Vipers needing a win to overtake Maestro and qualify for the next round. This match was a tense one, with Maestro not taking many risks, but Vipers desperate to attack. Game 1 saw Guna scoring a hit and 2 catches early on, making it 6v1 with only Danson left on court for Vipers. He hits Charlie and Guna, making it 4v1 before Rick hits Danson, giving Maestro the first game. Game 2 also saw Maestro making many catches and hits to win the game with a full set of players on court. Game 3 also went similarly, with Maestro taking out the male players from Vipers early on to win. Game 4 also went to Maestro, with game 5 ending in a draw when time ran out and both teams had 5 players on court. The second half saw Vipers mounting a strong come back, winning 4 games with Maestro taking 1 game, ending in a 5 -4 win to Maestro and seeing them through at the expense of Vipers.


8.UCSI Devil’s Dukes vs City UC Tigers

4                 MATCH SCORE               2

The final match of the day was also a match between two teams who had already qualified into the next round, after Avengers had lost to Ronins earlier. Devil’s Dukes took an early lead in game 1, with 6 players on court versus 2, with only Capang and a girl left on the Tigers side. Both are hit, giving Devil’s Dukes the first game. Game 2 saw Devil’s Dukes hitting 2 Tigers girls, Kris from Devil’s Dukes failing to catch before Jonathan was hit, making it 4v4. Jason also failed to catch, with Sina’s throw getting caught, making it 5v2 to Tigers, with only Hui Lei and Lydia left on court. Both are hit, giving Tigers the equalizer. Game 3 saw Sina hit by a shotgun by Afic at the opening rush. Casey, Hui Lei and Afic are all hit, making it 4v3 to Tigers, with Devil’s Dukes only having Kee Chai as the sole male player. Kris and Lydia had their shots caught, making it 6v1. Kee Chai manages to get a hit, making it 5v1 before Afic catches Kee Chai’s shot, giving Tigers a 2-1 lead. Game 4 started with only 50 seconds left in the first half, and nobody was eliminated when time ran out, ending the game in a draw. The second half saw Devil’s Dukes take game 5 after many catches by Sina and Casey, giving them the equalizer. Game 6 and 7 saw Devil’s Dukes exerting their dominance, taking both games to win 4-2.



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