*The red numbers indicate the highest marks given for the day.

No Club Name DAY 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Score % Score % Score % Score %
1 49 0.5 39 0 65 0.5 80 1
2 64 0.5 40 0.5 55 0.5 50 0.5
3 67 0.5 90 1 95 1 70 0.5
4 70 0.5 80 1 89 1 75 0.5
5 54 0.5 75 0.5 65 0.5 40 0.5
6 60 0.5 67 0.5 60 0.5 67 0.5
7 54 0.5 90 1 93 1 98 1
8 67 0.5 95 1 90 1 85 1
9 54 0.5 50 0.5 75 0.5 50 0.5
10 55 0.5 55 0.5 70 0.5 45 0.5
11 73 0.5 87 1 80 1 88 1
12 35 0 60 0.5 85 1 90 1
13 49 0.5 75 0.5 85 1 40 0.5
14 30 0 57 0.5 55 0.5 40 0.5
15 60 0.5 75 0.5 85 1 85 1
16 0 0 0 0 70 0.5 0 0
No Club Name DAY 5 Day 6
Score % Score %
1 80 1 75 0.5
2 55 0.5 0 0
3 75 0.5 75 0.5
4 60 0.5 70 0.5
5 50 0.5 0 0
6 50 0.5 40 0.5
7 96 1 98 1
8 87 1 96 1
9 75 0.5 75 0.5
10 80 1 70 0.5
11 90 1 80 1
12 75 0.5 85 1
13 60 0.5 70 0.5
14 55 0.5 50 0.5
15 75 0.5 78 0.5
16 40 0.5 0 0

Taylor’s Lakeside Storm’s Blog
by Adam Riff (98 points)

Three’s a  Crowd

It all boils down to this.

For all the blood, sweat and tears…

This was it.

The final day of the group stage. The final match.

Our group has always been unofficially called the ‘Group of Death’ since the powers that be determined that not one, not two, BUT THREE mighty teams were drawn into the same group.

No offense to PSA Eagles though and kudos to them for going all out even though they were very new to the sport. To be honest, seeing UCSI Red Legion, Inti Hybrids and Taylor’s Lakeside Storm grouped together at such an early stage of the competition was exciting for a neutral. But for the respective teams, it was hell.

Storm had to win against Inti on Match Day 5 or we were out of the league. And win we did. Emphatically I might add. But I did not celebrate much as Hybrids were our friends and allies. As the latest standings show, no one can predict which 2 teams will go through to the quarterfinals. As mentioned by one of the MAD admins on Facebook,

“The heat is on in Group B”.

But It Could Have Just Been Two…

It was the day after the Inti match.

Just as we were about to report the fantastic result to our management, tragedy struck.

They had some mind-numbing bad news for us as a mistake done on our part has left us staring at the nothingness that is; a withdrawal from the competition.

After all the superhuman efforts and so close to qualifying, this had to happen. Those of us at the top level of the club were dejected but did not let our members find out just yet. It was unbearable to imagine the look on their faces if we told them.

I have already told too much and divulging more would be the end of me.

It was a case of “If I told ya, then I would have to kill ya”.

Well, not literally.

But as fate would have it, we were given a second chance the next day.

One that we gladly took.

One that they would never regret giving us.

This was our time to shine. Even God has smiled upon us and saw that our hard work and undying spirit deserved some timely rewarding.

After all, it was a human error that could be forgiven but never repeated.

And so we marched on, towards our destiny.

Breaking News

As we arrive at the venue, news started to stream in that Inti HAS DRAWN their game with UCSI RED LEGION!

This means that if we win our match against PSA Eagles, and everything else goes our way; we WOULD QUALIFY to the quarterfinals!! After all the nail-biting nights calculating how we would qualify, this is extremely good news to calm our nerves.

Before the match started, Jerrard gave a heart-warming team talk that made the team cry as one. Again, I do not want to reveal too much but this definitely united the team more right before we play.

Roxanne shone in the 1st half with multiple catches and kills, the talent that made her stand out earlier this year. Looks like she has got her form back just in time. The Eagles went down 1-0, then 2-0 as Roxanne, Heidy, Jerrard and the guys made very good kills.

In 3rd game, Jerrard made some changes to increase the tempo. Yoesia and Julius made fabulous catches to get their team-mates in when they were down. And suddenly it was 5 Storms against 1 Eagle in the remaining minutes of the 1st half. Alas, the PSA girl finally could not dodge Jack’s shot after evading several. It was 3-0 at the end.

I Solemnly Swear

It was Pledge Day as the cheerleaders had to perform the Dodgeball Pledge as creative as possible. They decided to incorporate mini-flags and home-made pom-poms as part of the routine. The entire team was pulled in to participate as we swore our allegiance to the cause.

1, 2 Dodgeball!

This included a spectacular longer routine by the girls as they pulled off surprise after surprise. The tophat dance was top notch as usual.

A note to the Eagles : Your Thriller medley was awesome! Haha. Good job guys!

Road to Glory?

Though we were 3 games up, it was still tense as the match was not over. The 2nd half started quite badly for Storm as they were quickly 3 men down. The Eagles were trying to make a fantastic comeback and they did. With Jen Jun the last player, he got hit with a flying Eagle Suicide!

Then, Jerrard subbed Fred in; who broke his finger yesterday to get him some playing time in order to get into the MVP team. It was a bold move indeed by the Captain with the Eagles coming back into the game. In the end, Fred was the last man standing with all his teammates out. He was against 3 Eagles and everyone thought he was a goner.

But, Fred had the last laugh as he evaded many shots and played very smartly to while the time away. Though Eagles had the numbers, the win came too late as Storm got a 3-2 win.


I don’t know much but all I know is WE WERE ALL HAPPY THAT WE MADE A COMEBACK IN THE LEAGUE. Hopefully, our group support don’t lose points and we would be there this Saturday for the FINAL!


Group Support

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler

For commentating with a broken ankle, he is amazingly spirited.

For persisting with a cracked elbow, he is just too awesome.

Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu.

How cute to see the cheerleaders making their own flags and pom-poms.

Wish I could reward them every day.

Uh-oh, I might need to retract my statement. Haha.

And that’s me,

Adam Riff.

Proud Blogger, Secretary and Player of the Taylor’s Lakeside Storm.

I do not know if I will get to blog again for CDL as the blogger marks will only be published later.

So, in case I don’t, take care and thank you for reading!

P.S. My hand has been fractured for the past 3 blogs =)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Taylor’s Hyenas’ Blog
by Adrian Anthony (96 points)

Sports has always been considered a form of entertainment for both men and women. Furthermore, it gets all the better when such form of entertainment doesn’t just come a la carte, but rather it goes hand in hand with the adrenaline rush, and nail biting moments. However, the most ardent of fans would agree from the bottom of their heart that, entertainment aside, a comfortable victory is most favoured, and it was exactly the way the Hyenas dodgeball team intended to finish their final group game against UPM.

At the start of the 3+3 half, Hyenas made several changes to their regular line up, introducing Ming Xun and Deepak to provide a more attacking play, so as to start the game in style. And boy did they do so, for within seconds into the blow of the whistle, they struck first blood, knocking out a UPM player. With an arsenal of hard shooting players, combined with a resolute defence, Hyenas made it 1-0 within 2 minutes.

The second game followed suit with sublime acrobatic dodges and blistering shots as Hyenas made it 2-0. That being said, the best game of the match was to be the next, for with 55 seconds on the clock left, Hyenas had only one player left; UPM had three. 2-1 looked like the likely score, but a catch by the Pua Sze resulted in Wataru returning to the fray, and two bullet shots by him turned the tables and Hyenas led 3-0 at the interval.

Half time, and both teams had their cheerleaders perform their sexy but nevertheless motivating routine. Within minutes, the game then resumed. With the second half being the 6+0 round, the Hyenas, now feeling even more carnivorous, intended to play the game with as much ferocity as possible. They pre-match strategy paid dividends within the start as they made the score 4-0 within 55 seconds.

With things going smoothly, the team intended to flex their muscles and a 25 second blitz knocked out 4 UPM players, causing the morale of UPM to decrease, and it signalled further doom and gloom for them as the scoreboard read 5-0.

2 minutes left and Hyenas now intended to finish things in style, by further turning up the heat (as if they had not). A barrage of bazooka like shots were the final nail in UPM’s coffin, for the final was a morale boosting 6-0 for the Hyenas.

Napolean once said that to triumph without risk is victory without glory, and the risk of placing more emphasis on attack certainly made things more glorious as a resounding rout by Hyenas ensured they finish their group matches in scintillating fashion.


Taylor’s Lakeside Storm’s Blog
By Adam Riff (96 points)

Dark and Stormy Days

In a way, “Lakeside Storm” has been an apt name for our team for the last couple of days as the overall mood was dark and gloomy. And yes, there were even raindrops in the form of crestfallen tears. Although everyone applauded the intensity of the last match, the loss against Red Legion was like Thor’s hammer crashing down on us.

It meant that we only had a slight chance of qualifying for the next round.

It meant that today’s match against Inti Hybrids was “do or die”…

Happier Times

People sometimes forget that this is a new club; established only this year. Yet not only do we intimidate the other teams in terms of playing prowess, we also quickly cultivated a club culture that soon became the envy of everyone. As mentioned in the previous post, birthdays were often celebrated together whenever possible. Even individual events such as concerts or hospitality training sessions held at campus were supported by many of us. It was Jeff’s turn today for his birthday surprise. Alas, he took a bad fall down the stairs and hurt his elbow; thus needing a trip to the hospital. Nevertheless, we still celebrated his birthday before going to PSA. It is precisely this that helped foster a closeness never before seen at any other clubs.

We also tried to make sure the juniors were never neglected as I observed that other teams were always focusing on the best senior players and end up having none for the future. It is inescapable that they feel left out sometimes. But I always made sure they felt wanted and loved just like I would my own children. I am proud that most of them never gave up and were happy to bide their time. Pictures from the recent Taylors Sports Carnival suggests

that the future of Storm is looking bright…


The blast from the past reminded me how Storm was before the recent emotional breakdowns from players. It was time for me to remind them to bring glory to our name and smiles back to our faces. Though I could not play any part in the match due to my fractured hand, I summoned their strength and will to play for me, to play for Storm.

Friends and allies as they were,

Inti represented an obstacle in our path to glory.

And we will cross it.

Before we started our match, Inti and Storm made a fantastic show of fair play by making an interlocking circle in the middle of the court before bowing to each other and the crowd.

This is what dodgeball is all about.

A Mighty Performance in Blue

The first game was indescribable. After days of hype and blood-pumping, the players finally played the game of their lives. They shot down Inti players one by one and with Inti’s captain the last man standing, he was finally killed to give the lead to Storm 1-0.

It was no less extraordinary in the 2nd game as Storm players performed so well that only two girl players were left in the court. Inti made a strategic move to ask the girls to walk out to save some time and give Storm a 2 game lead.

In the 3rd game, they put in the big guns with Paul and ChewLian in. With such pedigree players, Storm was down to 3 players. But Heidy put in a match-winning performance with a catch and 2 kills with one of them being Inti’s captain Ismael. What a game he was having to give us the 3-0 lead going into the break.

Top Hats and Sticks?

The cheerleaders put in a different one today to make it Broadway style dance. And they wowed the crowd with their wonderful moves.

Make or Break

A double-kill by Fred and a catch by Chuan started the 4th game off well for Storm. Inti could not withstand the sudden pressure and slowly got killed off by Storm players. A fantastic move by Justin and Rafiq was pulled off with Justin performing a jumping suicide to distract one of the opponents and Rafiq killing him. And then we had a 4-0 winning margin.

With time running out, Inti had more players in the 5th game to take that game but it was all over. Storm managed a magnificent win to make a comeback in the league. What a boost this was to our players. Okay I got to go for my interview with the Malaysian broadcasting network, RTM. Take care, one and all.


Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler No.3

(Ever-charming to see him smile with his crutches, celebrating his birthday was loads of fun today.)

Above: Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu.

(Gastric and assignments won’t stop these girls from going all out in their performances.)

And that’s me,

Adam Riff.

Proud Blogger, Secretary and Player of Storm.

And yeah, finally changed my picture haha.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Metropolitan Maestro’s Blog
By Elizabeth Lee (90 Points)

The clock strikes 11! We, the Metropolitan Maestros, rose to our feet, ready for yet another action packed dodgeball game! Our last triumphant match against Taylors Hyenas was definitely a boost to our morale!  Being the last match of the day, we were pumped, filled, and overflowing with adrenaline; set for our second battle against UPM’s Tupai Kilat! Our previous encounter with this new team was victorious. However, the Tupai Kilats are definitely not a team to be underestimated as they exhibit fantastic skill and spirit (and a really cute team logo too)! We huddled up for an inspiring speech by our captain, Aamos. With a loud cheer “GO MAESTROS!” we entered the court with vigor and determination!

The first half began with our team consisting of Guna, Rick, Charlie, Elizabeth, Serene, and Je Hui. With the blow of the whistle, the players rushed forward. Within seconds, we successfully knocked out 3 Tupai Kilat male members through Guna’s great catching skills leaving 3 Tupai girls behind. With further swift motions, two other girls were out and finally, Rick ended the match by giving a headshot (ouch!) to one of the members. Victory! The second match showed our fatigue where we lost two members, Lucas and Aamos quickly and finally leaving only Gene and Elizabeth. The time of the first half ran out causing us to lose the match as Tupai Kilat outnumbered us.

After that exciting first half, both teams took a short rest while we were entertained by the dodgettes. Our Maestro dodgettes, displayed a humorous and enjoyable performance dancing to the beat of club hits; giving everyone a good laugh! Not forgetting, the beautiful Tupai Kilat dodgettes who showcased a talented dance using dodgeballs (extremely creatively thought!).

With the blow of a whistle, the second half began! The Maestros were ready for more! Consisting of Aamos, Guna, Charlie, Rick, Lucas, and Gene, Maestros charged through the court and successfully beat Tupai Kilat! The next game was just as exhilarating with Gene catching a ball during the last moments. However, luck was on Tupai Kilat’s side and they emerged victorious.

The third game showcased Maestros extreme determination by knocking out two Tupai Kilat members within the first minute! Losing focus because of our excitement, we had to roll over the balls. However, Charlie’s amazing catching skills revived our lost members, Marcus and Jon bringing us success! With one minute left on the clock, both the Maestros and Tupai Kilat were filled with excitement to win! Aamos and Guna were knocked out quickly; and unfortunately, we failed to maintain defense as we loss due to Tupai Kilat’s more members.

Final Score: Maestro – Tupai Kilat  4-2

WE WON!! It was definitely another incredible match against Tupai Kilat; leaving us with new experiences and fond memories. As we leave the Politeknik hall, our heads ringing with whistles , and smiles on our faces; we eagerly await our next match!


By Adam Riff (98 Points)

A storm is brewing

After the last morale boosting victory against PSA, we again face the big guns of this crazy Group of Death. UCSi Red Legion gave us a hard time and downed us in the 1st meeting.

But we were ready this time.

Ready to bring the rain…

A big bad torrent of rain…

But First, A Birthday Surprise

Coincidentally, today was the birthday of one of our squad members, Rafiq Iqbal. The ‘family’ has always tried to celebrate special occasions together, especially when we have big games coming. His girlfriend, Michelle wanted to surprise him at campus and so we all did.

As I stood watching the laughter and cake-flinging, I felt a sense of camaraderie that is never seen in a sports club or any other club for that matter. After my recent personal issues, I teared deep inside; knowing that I could never have gone through it all without these bunch of jokers. My brothers and sisters, who will always be a part of this magnificent Storm; and me.

A Late Entrance

Our match was the 2nd last of the day and we decided to drive there ourselves instead of taking the team bus. We celebrated the birthday abit too much and arrived slightly later than planned. However, we were still focused on getting maximum points to finally be group leaders. This was the turnaround that everyone was waiting for, since the loss against them in the opening match. Our team still had time to fool around though. Talk about mental preparation. Haha.

The red revenge

Time was running slow for MAD as the teams celebrated Wai Tat’s birthday earlier in the court. So it was decided that the pre-match briefing should be done outside the hall to save some time. Funny thing though, as the coin toss was replaced by a simple ‘one-two-jus’. Proud to be Malaysian. Haha.

The air was thick with tension as players stared down each other on the court. Fierce rivals indeed. The 1st game did not go so well as Storm went down 1-0 quickly. It seemed like the players were not mentally prepared yet. However, in the next 2 games, the blue team raced into the lead as Fred put in a starring performance again. Killing 4 players alone in the 3rd game to make it 2-1, a former Hyenas star indeed. Mike was also particularly impressive as his ankle injury flared up yet still stayed in the court. It was not in vain as he dived down to make an important catch. The best comeback so far made in the league.

1Malaysia Extravaganza

MAD predetermined earlier that all teams must perform a cultural dance as part of the dodgettes’ halftime performance. As usual, the girls choreographed an awesome routine that incorporated Malay, Indian and Chinese traditional dance moves. They also roped some guys in to partner them in the Indian piece while the entire team was used as the grand finale of the act. We laughed unprofessionally throughout the dance but still managed to pull it all off. We were the only team so far to include the entire team so far.

Lightning Strikes twice

The 2nd half started with a good vibe for Storm as they go in with a 2-1 lead. Fred continued playing as his form was outstanding today. Mike was supposed to play but succumbed to his injury. It was some intense dodgeball with players being defensive; not wanting to take unnecessary risks. Red Legion got a game back to make 2-2 with some fine catches by their players. Ren-To was the last man standing in that game and did very well against the other lone UCSI player. Alas his shot was caught by the one in the red.

Only 3 minutes was left. Players started to panic and raced against time to make shots. In the chaos, both UCSI and Taylors teams had players shot down. Taking turns to kill each other’s players, it was difficult to see who would come out tops. Red Legion put on a defensive formation to run out the time and got the win with more players. Again, the match of the day. Impressive performance by both sides though Storm are dejected at press time. Still, I truly believe Storm will come out of the league triumphant.

Group Support

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler No.3

(It is inspiring to see this supposed invalid walking up the stairs in campus all the time when there are elevators, but Jeff takes the cake by dancing along with us at halftime)

Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu

These girls give their hearts and souls everyday to practice and perform for us. It never ceases to amaze me.

And well, there’s me…

Adam Riff. =)

Remind me to get new pictures for this section.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

INTI Hybrids’ Blog
by Melinda (90 Points)

After an exciting and exhilarating match on Monday night, Hybrids were all pumped up with spirit. Tonight, our game was up against our first competitor from our first game : Eagles from PSA.  The last game, we took them by 5:1, but tonight, things got a little more interesting.

The game started off fast. Just after the first 30 seconds, 2 Eagles were retained and Hybrids was playing strong. The game went by with balls flying across the court and by the 5th minute, Hybrids had already scored our second point. During the last third minute of the first half, Eagles suddenly showed what we didn’t know was in them. With only one Eagle left on the court, he managed to save 2 balls and retained 3 Hybrids. Though Hybrids persisted in attacking and won the third set, the determination and skill showed by that Eagle shook us. With only a less than a minute left on the clock, Eagles took their chances, threw hard and precisely at the Hybrids. They charged, retained and their supporters chered. They managed retain most of our players, and when the whistle blew we were outnumbered. Suddenly, Eagles scored their first.

The cheer for tonight was a little different. CDL has set the theme to be traditional. Both teams brought into the court what we all tend to forget: tradition. Eagles performed a slow dance of a hero who took down his enemies slowly but strongly, and that certainly reflected Eagle’s spirit tonight. Our dodgettes on the other hand, put up an Indian dance accompanied with the famous song –Jaiho.

The second set began and Eagles were all strategically stood. They were in a line, and all had a determined look on their face. Hybrids quickly scored our 4th score, but were starting to get nervous over Eagles’ sudden show of skill and strategy. During the second set of the second half, Eagles refused to let their previous fate repeat itself. With the score of 4:1, Eagles stayed on, stubborn to allow an easy win.

During the 7th minute, Hybrids newest player was the only one left on the court. He took them down one by one, but all it took was a little swing from Eagles, and score! Eagles had their second point. At that moment, it seemed as if the Eagles we were up against were a completely different team. They were more accurate, persistent and coordinated. With so little time left on the clock, Hybrids lined our best players. Swing after swing and throw after throw, Hybrids put up their best to retain the Eagles. But this only pushed Eagles to their full potential; they showed an even more aggressive side and put our players in the detainment zone. Fortunately for us, experience overpowered determination.

With only 42 seconds left on the clock, the best of eagles were already brought out. Within that 42 seconds, they retained enough of Hybrids to outnumber us. When the whistle blew, Eagles scored another point.

The game ended with a 5:3. It was definitely not an easy win for hybrids. This time around, Eagles showed us what 2 weeks can change a team of great potential into a team of excellent improvement. It seemed as if we should start warning our counterparts of Eagles new boundaries and potential.

Just as the queue for players to leave came, a few of the Hybrids seemed extremely unhappy with some of our opponents. A fight broke out within the court. Marshalls were blowing their whistles, and players were seen pushing each other apart. The crowd fell silent and the whole hall suddenly dimmed.

As the secretary general of MAD walked in to resolve the matter, the crowd burst into harmony with a birthday song. The fierce looks on our players suddenly turned around and became big grins. They hugged the sec. general and threw him up in the air.

The whole fight was staged. And it was all an act to fool the birthday boy into action.

Tonight, we witnessed the strong comeback of Eagles, the beautifully themed dance and the staged performance that concealed a birthday surprise.  This year, clearly, CDL is witnessing a new culture being born.

As what the Hybrids would say: Jaiho!


UCSI’S DD’s Blog
by Charity Lim (95 points)

Can you feel it? I sure can. The heat is on! The Devil’s Dukes are definitely feeling the pressure. From what I heard, today’s game was important for our team and they were feeling extremely nervous! Quoting one of Devil’s Dukes star player, “We CANNOT lose today’s game! We HAVE to win!” says Sina Delivari. Their energy is infectious as they gear up for today’s game against the Tigers.

It was a pretty tight match as the Tigers were pretty strong. Not only that, they are just as devious as the Devil’s Dukes can be! One of the players from Tigers loves to use his favourite technique by looking at one person, but aiming for some other player.

Fortunately, the Devil’s would NEVER give in without a fight, roaring tigers or not. The first and second round was won by the Devil’s Dukes.  Even though, their focus seemed to have gone for a moment, as they lost the third round of 3+3 game.

But they rose up again just as fiercely as before and won the 4th round with a 3:1 points. The whistle blew, and they walked out of the gate with their heads up and their eyes filled with pride. They have once again shown everyone what they’re made of.

Oh by the way, did I mention that the dodgettes ran into the cage with such hot vibes? They impressed the crowd with their new sexy routine and won the hearts of many with their vibrant energy! The Tigers’ dodgettes routine wasn’t lacking either. Good job Tigers!

Next up was the all-guys game and it started off with an excited vibe from both the players and the cheering crowd. I don’t know about them, but I screamed myself hoarse! The Devil’s dukes didn’t fail us of course, and they went on to win all of the games played continuously! Tell me, how can you NOT feel excited when you watch your teammates play with not just their minds, but also with their hearts?? They never fail to amaze me with their infectious passion! I sure hope that’s how everyone here today was feeling.

To you Tigers, you guys played an amazing game today! Not only do you guys (and girls) have strong throws, you guys can definitely DODGE! My nerves were shaken and I was definitely terrified of your outstretched claws! Good game players! All the best to you Tigers!

As for the Devil’s Dukes, according to the games I’ve seen you guys play, be sure that the other teams will be fearing your devious ways and your mighty strength!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Taylor’s Storm’s Blog
by Adam Riff (93 points)

Stormy Greetings

Hey there, Dodgeball fans and my ever loyal Stormies! Here I am again to bring you Taylors Lakeside Storm’s latest match report and club updates. The Campus Dodgeball League has gone very well so far with the Malaysian Association of Dodgeball handling proceedings rather well I must say. Although we would have liked to have played in a shopping complex where the atmosphere is like a stadium, the PSA venue is well maintained and conducive to closer rapport between the players. Our club has also bounced back quite well from the starting games, with a well-fought draw with Inti Hybrids. Read on as I bring you through our club’s preparations as well as the all-important report of our 3rd league match.

Club Spirit and Preparation

After last week’s result with Inti, the players’ morale soared as onlookers thought that with the Hybrids’ experience, they would still pull through with a win over Storm. But as things played out, we “battled like champions” (so some people said). It was a memorable match that even Inti’s captain, Ismael; applauded our efforts.

Jerrard gave a spirit-lifting speech during the following training session that gave us all the might to march on. Our sessions were like never before. The girls trained as if their lives were at stake, catching the guys’ speedy shots and killing as well. But egos were not bruised as they were proud of the girls as well. We could only imagine what other teams would think if we all played the same way in the upcoming match. Belief was strong within the squad that we would come out with a good win against the PSA Eagles.

Unveiling of banner

Jeff Ler, our ever ‘semangated’ crutch-ridden spokesperson, player and now designer, did an amazing job on creating the club’s 1st ever banner. In just one day I might add. When he posted it on Facebook, Storm members and the public alike loved it and praised him for his skills and passion. It will last through the ages.

Match day – 1st Half

Standing proud alongside the Eagles team in the arena, the players posed for pictures and listened to the marshals’ instructions as well as the standard fair play procedures. Even though this match was not as anticipated as the previous one with Inti, as a Storm member, I eagerly await the start. The starting co-ed team consists of:

  • Fred – No.8
  • Mike – No.9
  • Justin – No.7
  • Roxanne – No.23
  • Leen – No.63
  • Car Yi – No.5

Compared to the previous games, this match was less stressful for our players as the Eagles were comparatively new compared to many teams here. However, we still approached the match with caution and determined to win and win with a higher margin in order to gain on the group leaders.

Fred started well as he killed 3 in the 1st game; I am glad as the past few weeks have not been well for him. He even killed the last opponent with a leaping suicide shot. The 1st half went thick and fast from then onwards. Everyone on the team did well, even when we substituted a few players every game. This showed that we have strength in depth and team unity compared to the earlier weeks. Jerrard finally made his appearance after winning the 3rd game and rebooted their partnership during their Taylors Hyenas days. And a partnership they did have with catches and kills left, right and center. We won the 1st half 4-0. A great lead to take into the 2nd half.


The team headed out for a breather after the fast-paced action while the charismatic cheerleaders from both teams took our place. And honestly, every time I watch Storm Dodgettes, I get wowed as they always came up with a new routine. With basket tosses and pyramid formations, they impressed all onlookers. The crowd cheered as if they were the cheerleaders’ cheerleaders. I am confident they would bring us the full points again.

2nd Half

This half of the match is played with a full male team. Jerrard already picked out the first team for the guys earlier and so here they are:

  • Justin – No.7
  • Chuan – No.11
  • Rafiq – No.69
  • Ren-To – No.21
  • Jen Jun – No.2
  • Mike – No.9

The guys built on the foundations laid in the earlier periods. They showed no mercy as they rained on the Eagles’ defense with a mighty torrent of dodgeballs.  I cannot name anyone who stood out. If I did, this would be a very long paragraph. Jerrard continued his strategy of substituting players to give everyone experience in this league. This seemed to unite the team more as they slapped each other’s hands and cheered each other even though some attempted shots or catches were missed. We got a lil bit of scare when they got a game back and it was 5-1. We then got another game back and ended the match 6-1. An impressive win to boost our morale as UCSI Red Legion awaited us this Wednesday. GO STORM GO.



Group Support

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler No.3

(Not only does he do an awesome job in commentating, he is also one heck of a designer)

Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu

Let’s Go Taylors Let’s GOOO ~~ RAWR

And last but not least,
Adam Riff, signing out.
Blogger, Secretary and Player (No.10)

(That’s a lollipop haha)


Taylor’s Hyenas’ Blog
by Adrian Anthony (93 points)

In football, there is a saying that you are most vulnerable after you’ve taken the lead. On the contrary, that was not the case for the Hyenas dodgeball team of Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya. It was match day 2 of the College Dodgeball League, and the Hyenas were facing their second opponents from Group D-the Masterskill Vipers.

The Hyenas, back from their first victory on Saturday, looked confident at the start. However, the Vipers had other ideas-by taking the lead at the first game of the 3+3 half. Hyenas, shell-shocked for a few moments, regrouped and won the next game to make things all square. This was largely due to the successful catching attempts by Boon, who made precisely three catches.

With the momentum swinging back in their favour, the Hyenas then took control of the third game with some scintillating counter-attacking display, knocking-out three Vipers’ in quick succession. Successful high speed shots were made by Wei Liam, Jin, and Boon. Within 2 minutes, the score was now 2-1.

At the interval, a sexy and motivating cheerleading display was demonstrated by the cheerleaders of Hyenas, with the song “I Like It” by Enrique Eglesias. After the Cheerleaders of Vipers performed, the 6+0 second half began.

Hyenas, who looked hungrier than ever, returned for more blood. They began with a quick shotgun attempt, knocking out a Vipers’ players within seconds. By the looks of things then, the Vipers began to further strategise by targeting Ming Xun, who is known for his sniping shots. With superb shooting, Hyenas won to make the score 3-1. By now, the Vipers, were getting more frustrated. Having said that, they returned seeming much stronger, and made the score 3-2 with good dodging and blocking, their shots seemed much faster too as one of them caught Jin of Hyenas off guard , knocking him out.

By this time, the clock showed approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds. Hyenas who were wanting to take control of things started stronger in this game with fast, accurate shooting. With Boon and Jin in the lineup, they knocked out 3 Vipers in quick succession. When time ran out, there were 3 Hyenas players left, with 2 on the Vipers’ half, resulting in the final score of 4-2 Hyenas.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Taylor’s Lakeside Storm’s Blog
by Adam Riff


A THUNDEROUS greeting to one and all from the Blogger and Secretary of Taylor’s Lakeside Storm, Adam Riff! A special shoutout to my fellow dodgers and dodgettes, Taylor’s University College students, Lakeside Storm members and not forgetting all dodgeball fans, young and old! If this is your first time experiencing or reading about a dodgeball match, then I hope this will get your blood racing in your veins. Most dodgers would hope to get you addicted to this progressive sport, but I KNOW you will. Enjoy the following match report while having a look inside our club.

Behind the Scenes

After last week’s unfortunate 2-1 loss to UCSI Red Legion for the opening fixture, it was time for Taylors Storm’s captain and president, Jerrard Leong; to pick up the pieces and lift the club’s morale as the 2nd fixture was only 3 days away (At press time, the 2nd match has already been played). Contingency meetings were held to hear out the voices of the squad and discover solutions as a team. These comments were then taken into consideration and some were applied to the following training session. Consequently, everyone saw their spirits rose as we reestablished our previous form and communication. Storm members went home with smiles on their faces in anticipation of the matchup with Inti Hybrids.


As secretary, I posted a note on Facebook informing CDL squad members of the bus departure times from campus as well as telling them to wear our jersey the entire day in class as a show of strength and passion. And they did. Everywhere I went, I saw our bright blue jersey, donned by these loyal dodgers. Instantly, I knew they would make the club and college proud today.

1st Half

Fast-forwarding to the game itself, loud cheers and music accompanied our entry into the cage that surrounds the playing court. As the players were given a short briefing by marshals and to line up with the opposing team, the spokesperson of Storm announced our team’s starting lineup for the 1st half that is played with a 3 guys, 3 girls format. The team consists of:

  • Jerrard – No.4 (Captain)
  • Mike – No.9
  • Jack – No.1
  • Roxanne – No.23
  • Leen – No.63
  • Andrea – No.6

The most highly awaited game of the day started off with Jack letting off the 1st shot. The tempo was slow at 1st but gradually rose. Andrea, who came at the last minute even though she has an exam tomorrow, did a perfect sneak attack and got the 1st kill against Inti. Storm became stronger and stronger as they started picking people out. They won the 1st game when the remaining Inti player walked out of the court to save some time. Then in the 2nd game, Jack caught a ball AND killed one of the girls. However, Inti came back by catching and killing some players and got the 1st half to end at 1-1. As expected, that 1st half was incredibly well played by both sides as Jerrard regrouped the players at the break.


The cheerleaders again brought their A-game as they STORMED the floor during the break; with their array of dancing skills and repertoire of moves rehearsed day and night just for today. Although the song is the same as Day 1, they altered their routine slightly to make it more exciting for the audience and judges. Cheerleading points in hand again, just like last week? The points were not announced yet, but in my heart, hell yeah.

2nd Half

This half of the match is played with an all boys format. Jerrard already picked out the first team for the guys earlier and so here they are:

  • Justin – No.7
  • Chuan – No.11
  • Rafiq – No.69
  • Ren-To – No.21
  • Jen Jun – No.2
  • Mike – No.9

The 2nd half started right where it was left off. Immediately the men shot furiously as balls flew all over the place and blinding speeds. As a ball retriever, even I had a hard time collecting the balls. Justin took out Paul from Hybrids while the Inti players started aiming Mike as he was the main catcher on form. More balls thrown at him gives them a higher chance to kill him. However Mike CAUGHT one of the balls aimed at him as their plan backfired. A good dodge by Justin and Rafiq was followed by Mike pocketing another ball. Storm won the 1st game of the 2nd half 2-1. High paced action I must add.

With 4 minutes remaining, the Ismael-led Inti Hybrids tried to claw back the points by shooting with tremendous tenacity. Ren-To got caught stranded while running for the starting balls as Storm started getting shot down. Left with 3 players, Jen Jun caught a ball SITTING DOWN. WOOT. But Inti continued throwing and killing till 2 were left from Storm. As the clock ran out, Inti had more players on the court and got the draw!

Storm players were proud of such an amazing match and the commentators both agreed. But deep down inside, the players were disappointed to not get all 3 points. We shook hands with our Inti friends as we have played together for a long time. It was definitely a match worth watching.

We’ll train even harder and stronger as our quality improved since the last game. Confidence comes from within, and we have plenty of it. It has been one hell of league so far. So come on down and watch all the games!


Group Support

Left picture:

Spokesperson and player – Jeff Ler No.3

(Unfortunately broke his leg, but still kicks ass in commentating)

Bottom Right:

Storm Dodgettes lead by Cassandra Kiu
Let’s Go Taylors Let’s GOOO ~~ RAWR


And last but not least,
Adam Riff, signing out.
Blogger, Secretary and Player (No.10)

(That’s a lollipop haha)


Metropolitan Maestro’s Blog
by Je Hui (73 points)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand here we are!! At Politeknik Sultan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Dewan Serbaguna, or Politeknik to us for short (it’s such a long name) where MAD Campus Dodgeball League (CDL) 2010, the ultimate and grandest dodgeball tournament in Malaysia is being held!!!

Ever since we, the Maestros Dodgeball Team from Metropolitan College was formed from scratch by our fabulous captain Aamos for CDL 2009, we’ve been following Aamos’ conquest in many other dodgeball matches besides CDL 2009. Under Aamos’ wacky (sometimes!!) guidance, our family has certainly grown a lot bigger and stronger than ever. Why, we used to be one of the worst newbies among the competing teams in CDL 2009!! But not anymore. After months and months of gruesome training, torturing, sweating under the sun and freezing in the rain (ah, the painful memories~), we were so excited and eager to play with other teams to test our skills!!

At the sight of the crowd, the brand-new orange balls, the smart-looking marshals and the shiny whistles on their chests, adrenaline seemed to have taken over our minds drowning us with excitement and anticipation!!

Waiting outside the hall for our turn, Aamos and his best pal Guna gave everyone a light training – the usual ball catching and dodging.

Finally, it was our turn!! At the ear-piercing sound of the whistle, runners from both teams dashed across the court to seize the balls while the remaining players scattered behind them swiftly falling into their respective places in their formations.

However, the game did not go as we hope. The Hyenas were terribly strong and very soon, our players were out one by one faster than we can count. After 10 minutes, the first round ended with the Hyenas winning all matches.

So we lost the first round, but we were not giving up. Our team spirit was burning after Aamos gave us another motivating talk and our players re-entered the court with flames in their eyes. Go Maestro!!

The second round was a lot more intense with all guys on the court; there was a Japanese player from the Hyenas! As the match commenced, Maestro was down again on the first round. While we were overwhelmed by the Hyenas, our players came back strongly in the second match, with Guna leading the attack taking out all Hyenas. The final match ended swift as there roughly 35 seconds left. But still all players on the court gave their best.

Final Score: Maestro – Hyenas 3-5

It ok, we cn still catch up. It was a good game; the Hyenas were strong and formidable opponents. From the game, it was clear that we were weak in many aspects: better formation, accuracy, speed, and strength. (Uh, I think I can hear our captain screaming ‘TRAINING!!!!’ somewhere behind).

All in all, it was a great start/experience for everyone in the team especially for our newer players! We’ve been playing by ourselves for so long that it was a valuable lesson for us to learn our weakness and of course, where to seek improvements!!

Judge’s Comments:

1. Engaging style of writing, good storytelling

2. Pictures of the match would have been better- at least one

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

by Tyler Lim (70 points)

Red Legion’s first match on the CDL tournament!

Wow! What an exciting kick off from Red Legion!  In this first round, they had to face the mighty Storm from Taylors! Well, naturally, they were nervous like crazy when they knew they had to do. Nevertheless, our players were ready for the game. Well as the for the first starting line up, it was Mamali, Benji, Aaron, Summer, Vanessa and also Valerie. Though at first we were feeling a bit nervous, but thanks to the cheering from the awesome crowds, they were all pumped up and with that, all the fellow Red Legions were hyped up to face their opponents.

At the beginning, Benji, Mamali and also Aaron ran for the balls. And Benji threw the first shot right after that. Though the ball missed his target, but I’m pretty sure that sends out a clear message to the opponents that we the Red Legions are not easily to be beaten. After the amazing throw from Benji, Aaron tries and his ball hits on target (number 6). Since Aaron hit his target, the opponent has spotted their new target, which is him. But then again, not only he can throw well, he dodges well as well or in other words, he’s what we call a good dodgeballer!

To make the story short, Aaaron has successfully hit two opponents which are number 6 and 23. At the first round, the Red Legions were confident enough that we can take out the opponent. True enough, we took swept the first round within 6 minutes after the game starts. Not to forget, our very first game ended in an EPIC way, where by our very own Summer, was the last woman standing in the pit. Of course, she had made an amazing catch where it has brought a winning point to the Red Legion. After her catch, the crowds went wild and start cheering for her name. Well you have to really be there to experience the wildness of the crowd.

Above will be the picture of our three beautiful dodgettes performing during the break. Well I gotta say, they can really move their body! After the performance, we were back with 2ND half of the match. This time, the players line up were all boys, which are Mamali, Aaron, Ah Kean, Oksilat also known as Ali, Shayne and also Jacky. But unfortunately, one of our good players, Aaron accidently injured himself by knocking his hands towards Jacky’s body, which results a terrible pain on his right hand. Due to that, Benji had to substitute him and take over his place.

Even though, Aaron was not playing for the second half, but Red Legion’s spirit were still high! It was sort of shaky at first, where most of our player were knocked out, but we came back with an awesome results were the Storms (opponent’s team) were left with only one girl. Due to that, Red Legion drags the game so that the time will finally hit 0.

Overall, it was a tight and exciting game we had with the Storms. Of course, they were doing really well themselves. And because of that, Red Legions have given them a round of applause as a sign of respect.

Red, Red, Red LEGION!! RAWRR~

p/s: Kudos to our very own Miss Charity for the awesome pictures.

Judge’s Comments:

1. Great pictures, clear story – try not to use blur shots

2. Grammar and sentence structure errors evident

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